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Expenditure data is critical to improving accountability and oversight for FP programs, though historically, little data has been available to guide strategic programming and budgeting. To fill this data gap, Track20 developed the Family Planning Spending Assessment (FPSA) methodology which tracks the flow of resources and expenditures for the implementation of FP programming in a country. This method considers resource flow of both financial and non-financial resources from their origin to the end point of service delivery, among the different institutions involved - which reduces double counting and provides a more accurate and complete picture of FP spending. The FPSA informs the annual FP2030 reporting, which has prompted more transparency and increased commitments to domestic FP funding. For more technical information on the FPSA approach read the FPSA Resource Guide.

FPSAs provide estimates of expenditures on FP from government essential to:

  • inform global monitoring of spending on FP
  • inform the resource gap analysis at national and county level by comparing available resources and resource needs based on the strategic and operational plans
  • provide financial information that will inform policy dialogue
  • help in planning and budgeting at the County level in order to strengthen the case for family planning within the County and National development agenda
  • be used to advocate for increased funding for FP resources in counties and be used to monitor progress of policies in place by assessing whether expenditure is per priority areas

FPSA results are available for more than 50 countries. View and download detailed country reports and tables by fiscal year. Reports are available for 2014-2019 (these are a longer format and include additional demographic and FP information). From 2020 onward, FPSA results are published in a more streamlined and standardized table format that allows for better comparison and swifter country approval of results. All FPSA data are validated and approved by country governments and stakeholders. You can also explore the most recent data through the tables and graphics featured below.

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You'll see below that the data is presented in two parts - 2020 onward and 2015-2019. Prior to 2020 FP expenditure categories were based on the original NASA classifications. From 2020 onward, FP expenditure categories were streamlined to facilitate comparison. While past categories have been mapped to the new structure, the post 2020 data is not directly comparable to the previous data, and are therefore presented separately.

All available data is presented. A blank table or chart indicates that either no data are available for that year, or the data are not disaggregated as displayed.

Individual Country Reports and Tables (By Country)
Individual Country Reports and Tables (By Year)