FP Unit Costs

As part of Track20's work to improve the measurement and tracking of global family planning (FP) programming, an FP unit cost database (UCD) was developed. Prior to this database, no global database focused on FP cost data existed, making it difficult for FP program implementers to effectively plan for programs, or to budget for FP programming within national health plans. The development of a global, open access, database can help inform national strategic plans and allocation of FP funding in a more strategic, data-driven manner.

The UCD is available in Excel format here in its entirety, and includes information about the study, main technology detail, outcomes, reach of intervention, impacts/effects, cost information, discussions of scale and sensitivity analyses, and various notes.

A subset of these data focusing on the cost data, and allowing for various data visualizations and filtering options, is available here.

A methodology document is also available here explaining the systematic literature review process and results.