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PPFP and Institutional Delivery

Expanding uptake of postpartum family planning (PPFP) has the potential to provide substantial benefits to women and their families. This work is being advanced by global initiatives such as FP2020 advocating for greater attention to PPFP and USAID's Maternal and Child Survival Program implementing wide-scale efforts to expand access to PPFP.

While the literature indicates a relationship between institutional delivery and use of PPFP, no studies have examined how rates of institutional delivery and PPFP use are changing over time and in relation to each other. Track20 analysis attempts to understand whether growth in PPFP use in sub-Saharan Africa is attributable solely to an increases in rates of institutional delivery (a compositional change to the postpartum population) or to overall increases in uptake of modern contraception in the postpartum period among both facility and home delivery.

Download our poster presented at the Population Association of America 2018 meeting to learn more about the relationship between PPFP and institutional delivery.

Has the increase in institutional delivery led to an increase in postpartum family planning use in Sub-Saharan Africa?