The cornerstone of Track20 is working directly with Governments, building their capacity to improve the quality of data being collected and how the data is being used to inform regular monitoring and strategic decision making.

Supporting Dedicated FP M&E Officers

Track20 works with FP2020 pledging countries to recruit and train dedicated family planning M&E officers. Officers are placed in the country Ministry of Health, Office of Population, or other relevant office. These M&E officer’s serve as point persons for family planning data from both the public and private sectors. The M&E Officer collates, analyzes, and disseminates family planning data for reporting, program improvement, and strategic decision-making. They play a leading role in building consensus around estimates for annual reporting on family planning progress to FP2020. The Track20 Project provides ongoing capacity building for these officers in the form of annual trainings, country visits and direct responses to specific technical requests.

Track20 is currently supporting M&E Officers in over 30 Countries