Expanding Family Planning's Footprint within Health Management Information Systems

A key area of focus for Track20 is expanding the use of country-collected service statistics - this includes working to improve the quality of service statistics and to improve how the data is used to monitor progress and make strategic decisions. A sustainable way to incorporate more regular data quality review and analysis that can be used to guide programming is to build these functions into a country's health management information system, which in many countries is DHIS2.

Avenir Health is currently developing a Family Planning Module that can be incorporated directly into countries’ DHIS2 systems or used as an independent module that pulls data from DHIS2. The module is designed to encourage data utilization for decision-making at the national and sub-national levels.

The FP Module includes high-level data displays of priority indicators designed for decision-makers, detailed analysis of a range of programmatic indicators for program & M&E staff, and tools for reviewing data quality, developing additional analysis, and generating the Estimated Modern Use (EMU) indicator for routine monitoring.

The FP Module incorporates other data sources including population data that can be used as a denominator to calculate indicators, survey data to allow for triangulation to be used in the data quality review process, and modeled estimates for both triangulation and trend analysis.

Check back for more information about Track20's Family Planning Module when it is launched.