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Summary of Analysis Using Service Statistics

Track20 works to improve the collection and utilization of routine contraceptive data for FP2020 countries. Quality service statistics are used to generate annual estimates of key FP indicators using the Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET); these estimates are then used for program monitoring, tracking progress toward goals and commitments, and reported in the FP2030 Annual Progress Report. We believe that service statistics can also be used to answer questions that are unanswerable with survey data. Service statistics can provide trend data where survey retrospective data can be biased. Read more here.

The Track20 team has worked with Monitoring and Evaluation Officers to study service statistics in new and innovative ways. Data from Liberia and Sierra Leone highlight the month-by-month impact of the Ebola crisis on contraceptive distribution. Similar work from Kenya examines the impacts of strikes by doctors and nurses. Real-time data inputs from service statistics also proved essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, and governments used these data to track impacts on service delivery and uptake and identify areas requiring additional support.

In March 2021, Track20 and the PACE project co-convened an expert meeting among researchers, data officers, program implementers, and other stakeholders with experience and interest in utilizing service statistics to analyze the impact of health system shocks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Ebola crisis and other major disruptions, on family planning and other essential health care. The meeting, titled Coordinating Analyses of Routine Health Management Information Systems Data to Identify Disruptions in Essential Health and Family Planning Care, provided a venue for colleagues to exchange learnings on methodological approaches to service statistics-based analysis in hopes of informing and strengthening future analysis and developing best practices. Read the meeting summary report for key take-aways from the discussion.

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To learn more about Track20's innovative service statistics-based indicator, Estimated Modern Use (EMU) and the Service Statistics to Estimated Modern Use (SS to EMU) tool, go to the Track20 Tools page.