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Statistical Code Sharing

Track20 strives to increase the understanding and use of data to inform evidence-based decision making, both through disseminating the results of our own analyses, and by supporting countries to maximize the use of their own routine service data. Some of the analyses completed using survey and service data can be complex, but Track20 is known for creating freely available, user-friendly tools that put powerful, rigorous methodology in the hands of users all over the world.

In an effort to further increase transparency and promote further development of innovative analytic tools, Track20 is now making the code for numerous, commonly used Track20 analyses available for download on GitHub. This includes:

  • Code to calculate FP2020 and FP2030 Core Indicators from survey data (DHS, MICS, and PMA) using Stata and R
  • Code for popular Track20 interactive Shiny App Models

Visit the Track20 GitHub Page