Global M&E Workforce Development

To strengthen and sustain internal government capacity and commitment to improved family planning (FP) data and program monitoring, Track20 is cultivating a global network of Monitoring & Evaluation Officers who are working within or in partnership with Ministries of Health in countries that have made FP2030 commitments.

Track20 M&E Officers work with governments to increase the visibility of FP data, cultivate demand for data and find innovative ways to use data to answer the questions relevant to their own contexts. While Track20 M&E Officers share some standard tasks in their scope of work, most are embedded in the Ministry and their work uniquely reflects their context and the priorities of the country. The briefs Day in the Life of a Track20 M&E Officer: Diversity and Commonalities and Track20 Monitoring & Evaluation Officers: Keeping the Focus on Family Planning Data illustrate the dynamic and varied roles M&E Officers play and how they have influenced FP monitoring and data use in their countries.

To learn more about why Track20 has chosen to embed M&E Officers within Ministries and read examples of impact, read Highlighted Approach: Embedding Trained M&E Officers within Government FP Programs.