mCPR Impact Tool

Track20's user-friendly mCPR Impact Tool estimates impacts of declines in mCPR due to pandemics like COVID-19, natural disasters, and complex emergencies, which can reduce access to contraception and contribute to declines in contraceptive use.

Track20 developed the tool to show the impacts of declines in mCPR on important reproductive health outcomes (unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and maternal deaths) to advocate to ensure continued focus on supply of services & commodities in this time of unrest and demonstrate the potential impacts if services are shut down and prevalence declines.

The tool allows the user to set different scenarios of decline in mCPR and compare these to a “business as usual” scenario based on expected growth in mCPR. The scenarios vary by the percentage point change in mCPR, for example no change, .5% decline in mCPR, 1.5% decline in mCPR, etc.

Note that the tool does not estimate the impact of COVID-19 in the country, nor is it COVID-specific. The tool simply demonstrates the relationship between drops in mCPR and key reproductive health outcomes - unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and maternal deaths.

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