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The Track20 Project, implemented by Avenir Health, monitors progress towards achieving the goals of the global FP2020 initiative, adding an additional 120 million modern method users between 2012 and 2020 in the world's 69 poorest countries. Track20 works directly with governments in participating FP2020 countries to collect, analyze and use data to monitor progress annually in family planning and to actively use data to improve family planning strategies and plans.

Track20 works with governments to transform current practices that rely heavily on large national household surveys conducted every five years or so, to a system in which all available data, including data collected by governments are used to produce annual estimates on a range of key family planning indicators. This approach makes greater use of service statistics and other data collected through the public and private sector, taking into account their limitations, and works with governments to install an annual process that reviews the data and issues official estimates.

Track20 activities and efforts are focused on countries that chose to make a commitment to the FP2020 global initiative, referred to as Track20 Focus Countries. The remaining FP2020 countries, referred to as Additional Track20 Countries, will also receive some technical support, though to a lesser degree.