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Summary of Analysis Using Service Statistics

Track20 works to improve the collection and utilization of routine contraceptive data for FP2020 countries. Quality service statistics are used to generate annual estimates produced by the Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET) and reported in the FP2020 Annual Progress Report. We believe that service statistics can also be used to answer questions that are unanswerable with survey data. Service statistics can provide trend data where survey retrospective data can be biased. Read more here.

The Track20 team has worked with Monitoring and Evaluation Officers to study service statistics in new and innovative ways. Data from Liberia and Sierra Leone highlight the month-by-month impact of the Ebola crisis on contraceptive distribution. Similar work from Kenya examines the impacts of strikes by doctors and nurses. Survey data included in service statistics research validates the quality and utility of service data and should inspire countries to invest in their data collection systems.

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