Track20 is actively engaged in shaping the global landscape of data use in family planning, developing methodology for monitoring family planning programming and providing strategic analysis.

Partnering with UNPD to expand statistical modeling

Track20 is part of a modeling consortium that includes the United Nations Population Division (UNPD) and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The objective of this consortium is to have global alignment on models and tools that estimate CPR when possible and to push progress in expanding global family planning estimation methodologies and outputs. The UNPD, in partnership with the University of Singapore, led the way in establishing a Bayesian model that estimates CPR, mCPR, and unmet need for married women annually. This model serves as the base of the modeling being done by all consortium members with expansions that prioritize all women estimates and disaggregations of CPR.

Track20 is supporting expanding the use of estimation models in family planning through two primary interventions: (a) expanding of the role of service statistics by developing tools that support the inclusion of this type of data in the Bayesian estimations and (b) capacity building within countries so they can run annual estimates internally. Both of these are supported by the development of FPET, an online, open-access tool that allows countries to use the model and run estimates for their country directly. Countries that have pledged a commitment to FP2020 are offered this opportunity and many have been actively engaged and producing their own estimates since the start of the global initiative.