Track20 is actively engaged in shaping the global landscape of data use in family planning, developing methodology for monitoring family planning programming and providing strategic analysis.

Tracking Family Planning Expenditures

Track20 is working to track country-level family planning expenditures by combining information from three sources:

  • Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), collects data from the largest donors on financial flows for family planning.
  • WHO, which uses a System of Health Accounts (SHA) framework which produces data on total health expenditures as well as RNMCH expenditures, to which the category of family planning expenditures has been added.
  • UNFPA's Family Planning Expenditures Tracking surveys (administered by Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI)). NIDI issues a questionnaire that collects expenditures on specific projects such as family planning.
Data from all three initiatives is being used to prepare the best possible annual estimates of FP expenditures by country and globally.

For country estimates, Track20's Monitoring and Evaluation Officers (MEOs) work with local UNFPA offices and government stakeholders to present and discuss the FP Expenditure data during the annual validation meetings of the annual FP indicators. 

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