The cornerstone of Track20 is working directly with Governments, building their capacity to improve the quality of data being collected and how the data is being used to inform regular monitoring and strategic decision making.

Providing Targeted Technical Support

While all FP2020 pledging countries are offered a basic package of support from Track20, we also provide tailored support based on country needs - here are some examples of our work over the past year:

  • In Kenya, Track20 helped the Government review its mCPR goal.
  • In Senegal, Track20 supported the Government to use the FP Goals model to support the formation of their new CIP.
  • In Ethiopia, Track20 helped the government prepare for its annual review where the health sector reports on its performance. Information presented at the consensus meeting on the limits of latent demand for family planning was used to brief the Minister of Health and Regional Health Bureau's.
  • Zimbabwe did a desk application of FP Goals to improve the specificity and selection of interventions in their costed implementation plan.
  • India worked with Track20 to improve estimates on government expenditures on family planning and has completed an FP2020 indicators fact-book for all states.
  • In Rwanda, Track20 has completed an analysis on commodity distribution data to understand the signals these provide to a program manager.
  • In Indonesia, Track20 is leading a "Data Summit" to review adequacy and need for data currently collected by BKKBN.