The cornerstone of Track20 is working directly with Governments, building their capacity to improve the quality of data being collected and how the data is being used to inform regular monitoring and strategic decision making.

Responding to Data Needs at the Decentralized Level

Track20 provides tailored methods and tools to respond to highly varied decentralized environments, that range from states with powerful budgets and governments like India, to counties in Kenya with strong governments and emerging administrative and budgetary capacity.

  • Track20 has completed decentralized projections and FP2020 indicator estimates for 20 priority Gates countries.
  • Track20 is engaging with provinces in Nigeria on selecting priority interventions and analyzing routine data.
  • In Zimbabwe, Track20 is collaborating with MOH on improvements to DHIS2 for data capture.
  • In Kenya, Track20 is supporting the use of multiple indicators to increase efficiencies in the use of supervision resources.
  • In Pakistan, Track20 is supporting provinces to develop strategies for contraceptive growth.
  • In Ethiopia, sub-national projections will be used to inform regional level planning.