The cornerstone of Track20 is working directly with Governments, building their capacity to improve the quality of data being collected and how the data is being used to inform regular monitoring and strategic decision making.

Promoting Dialogue through Consensus Workshops

Since its inception, a key focus of Track20 has been supporting annual Consensus Workshops in countries. These workshops allow for key partners in country- Government, donors, academics, NGO's, and other implementation partners - to come together to collectively review their country progress, agree on the values to be reported to FP2020 and other internal key indicators, and discuss critical issues in FP measurement to be addressed.

What is a consensus-building workshop?

Consensus-building workshops are annual meetings, led by the Ministry of Health, where governments and partners come together to do an annual review of family planning data. This includes review of available data; discussions on the quality of that data; utilization of statistical models and other methodologies to produce annual estimates of core indicators; and assessment of progress towards a country's national family planning strategy. The Track20 M&E Officer plays a key role in this meeting by supporting the use of new methodologies and tools and providing detailed information about the available data.

Overall, the workshops serve as a platform to discuss family planning data and to support the use of data in country level decision-making to improve program implementation and quality of services. Data produced during the meeting is shared with FP2020 to show annual progress and be included in reports.