Family Planning Estimation Tool

Training Module

FPET Training Module: Welcome & Instructions

Welcome to the Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET) training module. By moving through the module, you will learn:

  • What is FPET and why was it developed?
  • How do I use the tool at the national and sub-national level?
  • How and why would I include service statistics?
  • How do I interpret and use the results?

The module includes a variety of training materials, including PowerPoint presentations and accompanying detailed speaker's notes, instructional videos, practice exercises, and resources that can be combined to fit your needs and time frame. Training Materials relevant to each topic appear at the bottom of each page. Review these materials in order before progressing to the next page.

You can move to the next topic by clicking on the “next” button at the bottom of the page or using the navigation list on the right.

Once you have completed the module and want to jump to a particular resource, you can find all included Training Materials on the Resources page. These materials can be used by individual learners to self-teach the material, or by educators to create a curriculum around FPET and the use of predictive modeling to monitor family planning programs.

FPET was developed by the Track20 project and is a free web-based application, available at For more about Track20, visit

To start your training, continue to Getting to Know FPET where you can begin to move through the topics in order.