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FP2020 Core Indicator 1-9 Calculator

Track20 has prepared this Microsoft Excel-based calculator to allow individuals to produce estimates of 9 Core Indicators for any of the FP2020 countries, for 2012 to 2020, based on UNPD population data and some country-specific data that you will enter. This tool uses FPET output and additional survey data to produce the following indicators:

  • Additional Users of Modern Contraceptive Methods
  • Modern Contraceptive Prevalence (All Women)
  • Unmet Need for Modern Methods of Family Planning (Married Women)
  • Demand for Contraception Satisfied with a Modern Method (Married Women)
  • Estimated Unintended Pregnancies
  • Estimated Unintended Pregnancies averted due to Modern Contraceptive Use
  • Estimated Unsafe Abortions Averted due to Modern Contraceptive Use
  • Estimated Maternal Deaths Averted due to Modern Contraceptive Use
  • Modern Contraceptive Method Mix

Download the Core Indicator 1-9 Calculator here
Core Indicator 1 - 9 Briefs