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FP Goals

FP Goals is an innovative new model designed to improve strategic planning. FP Goals combines demographic data, family planning program information, and evidence of the effectiveness of diverse interventions to help decision-makers set realistic goals and prioritize investments across different family planning interventions.

Try our new FP Goals Lite tool which gives you a quick glance at how scaling up select interventions might change a country's mCPR.

Learn more about FP Goals in this overview presentation.

How does it work?
Establishing a Baseline:
  • Data is collected from a range of sources (surveys, program reports, HMIS/LMIS Systems, and key informant interviews).
  • This data is used to understand what Family Planning efforts and programs are currently underway.
Defining Scale Up:
  • Based on strategies and plans and discussions with stakeholders, a scenario is developed in which scale-up and implementation of new programs are defined.
Projecting mCPR Growth:
  • Based on the scale of those interventions defined in strategies and plans, coverage of those interventions is estimated.
  • Based on global evidence on the effectiveness of various types of FP interventions, the impact of the coverage on mCPR growth is projected.
  • This process of defining scale-up and projecting mCPR growth is repeated to provide multiple scenarios, with varying levels of scale-up of existing programs and various options for implementation of new programs.
What interventions are included?

Using evidence from more than 70 studies, estimates have been made of the potential effectiveness of a range of interventions on increasing mCPR. The following types of interventions are included in the model:

What do results look like?

Below is an illustrative example of FP goals result. The model shows you the mCPR growth estimated in each scenario, as well as the relative contribution of each intervention. Results can be used to assess a realistic mCPR goal, and support discussions on prioritization of interventions.

FP Goals Resources
Learn more about FP Goals in this overview presentation. Overview Presentation
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