Tracking mCPR

The FP2020 global initiative challenges countries to track national family planning (FP) program process on an annual basis. As only a handful of countries have annual surveys that produce the needed data, this has spawned renewed interest in the use of FP service statistics for program tracking. This report presents the findings of a study examining how accurately approximations of the Modern Contraceptive Prevalance Rate (mCPR) derived from service statistics in Indonesia, with and without several types of adjustments, track the level and trend of mCPR as measured in surveys.


Three (3) FP service statistics were assessed in the study.

  • Number of contraceptive commodities distributed to clients (BKKBN Form 2)
  • Number of FP Client Visits (BKKBN Form 2)
  • Number of active FP users (BKKBN Form 1)

The survey-based estimates of mCPR, which serve as the "gold standard" for the purposes of the study, were produced using the Track20 Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET). Survey estimates of mCPR from three (3) survey series were taken into account in the FPET estimates:

  • Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) (1987 - 2012)
  • National Socioeconomic Survey (SUSENAS) (1992 - 2015)
  • PMA 2020 Rapid Survey (2015)