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Method Information Index

The Method Information Index (MII) was created under FP2020 and included on their list of core indicators to highlight the importance of quality of care. In its current state, MII provides an opportunity to measure whether women are receiving the minimal amount of information required when starting a contraceptive method. The intent is for the indicator to evolve to include additional components of quality and choice as data become available.

The MII is composed of three questions that are asked of women about her experience when she began taking her current modern method:

  1. Were you told about other methods?
  2. Were you told about side effects?
  3. Were you told what to do if you experience side effects?

The indicator provides an opportunity to understand if when a woman started her current method, she was told about alternative family planning methods, possible side effects, and what to do if she experiences side effects. In most cases, it is possible to disaggregate the data and see variation by method, age, location of services, and subnational areas. This provides governments with information to identify under-performing areas and methods, and target trainings to those with the greatest need.

At the International Conference of Family Planning 2018, Track20 presented research on the relationship between MII and mCPR, discontinuation, age, and other indicators. Read the full poster here:

What does the Method Information Index tell us about quality of service?