In which countries is just one contraceptive method predominant in the method mix?
See countries where one method is predominant in the method mix with a value of:
≥ 40%
≥ 60%

See countries where the dominant method is:
Female sterilization
Traditional methods

Note: Method mix values are for all or married women. All traditional and folk methods have been grouped together as one method.
No Data: Western Sahara
How does annual growth in mCPR compare in the FP2020 countries?
See countries in which the annual growth rate in mCPR between the last two cross-sectional surveys is:
≤ 0.5%
0.5% - 1.5%
> 1.5%

Note: Growth rates are for mCPR among all or married women, and are calculated using the two most recent cross-sectional survey estimates.
No Data: Solomon Islands, Western Sahara
How does the percentage of women with satisfied demand for contraception compare in FP2020 countries?
Click to see countries where the percentage of total demand satisfied is:
≤ 25%
≤ 50%

Note regarding map: In order to differentiate FP2020 countries, they are shaded slightly darker. Data is for married women.
No Data: Western Sahara